A Letter from Marc OliviƩ

This is a very exciting time in our company’s history. We are focusing more than ever on our consumers by being more knowledgeable and responsive at every level. We are continuing to bring innovative products and processes to the marketplace. We are expanding our global presence. We are developing our team and retaining and attracting the best talent.

The W.C. Bradley Co. is unique and very special. A company that has been in existence since 1885 and still is in the hands of its founder’s descendants is very exceptional. It could only survive and thrive because of the very strong values shared by everyone.

When I think about the long and successful history of the W.C. Bradley Co., three words come to mind:  integrity, stewardship, and relevancy. Integrity and stewardship are the bedrock of this company. The demands and pressures of the business world can be challenging, but this company has always tried to meet those challenges by being fair, honest, and by being good stewards of what has been entrusted to us. The W.C. Bradley Co.’s track-record over the years also proves the company has continued to be relevant — relevant to consumers by offering the quality products they want; relevant to employees by being a great place to work; relevant to shareholders by providing the expected return on their investment; and relevant to all stakeholders by being the kind of company that one is proud to be associated with.  We will continue to make certain we remain just as relevant in the future as we have done throughout our history. 

Our company’s success speaks for itself and is a testimony to the dedication and hard work of all our team members around the world. We are a company with a proud history and a promising future.

Marc Olivié
President & Chief Executive Officer, W.C. Bradley Co.

Marc OliviƩ
President & CEO

Executive Management

Marc R. Olivié,
President & Chief Executive Officer, W.C. Bradley Co.

James G. Hillenbrand,
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, W.C. Bradley Co., & President & Chief Operating Officer, Lamplight

Theresa A. Bargy,
Vice President & Chief Informaton Officer, W.C. Bradley Co.

Matthew J. Barkley,
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, W.C. Bradley Co.

Donald R. Freeman,
Vice President - General Counsel, Corporate Affairs, W.C. Bradley Co.

Susan S. Wiggins,
Vice President - Stakeholder Relations, W.C. Bradley Co.

W. Jeffrey Pontius,
President & Chief Executive Officer, Zebco Brands

Christine M. Robins,
President & Chief Executive Officer, Char-Broil

Pace M. Halter,
President & Chief Operating Officer, W.C. Bradley Co. Real Estate Division

Steve Butler
Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors

Stephen T. Butler, Chairman of the Board
John H. Irby, Vice Chairman of the Board
P. Butler Ball
William R. Blanchard
W. McKnight Brown
John F. Flournoy
Gilbert B. Miller
Marc R. Olivié
Elizabeth B. Ramsay
Philip W. Tomlinson
John T. Turner
John R. Wells 
James D. Yancey

Advisory Board

Elizabeth T. Corn